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Aviation Law Safety & Security Program

The aviation industry is strictly regulated and therefore it is essential for those working with in aviation to be aware of their legal and regulatory responsibilities. The University of The South Pacific in conjunction with leading aviation expert Professor Ron Bartsch has developed the Aviation Law, Safety and Security Program.

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20 Weeks

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4 Hours / Week

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FJD 900 / AUD 600

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Certificate of Completion

About This Course

This course is tailored to the Pacific experience of human movement and culture to explore traditional sports and games. Recognising the diversity within classrooms across the Pacific, this course also includes specific content on inclusive physical education with tips for teachers on adapting and modifying activities to suit the learning needs of every student.

Participants will have access to professional mentors from the Pacific Islands with a range of experience across physical education, physical activity and sport. Participants will also be able to connect and interact with each other through discussion and community forum for support and celebrate progress.

Aviation Law Program

The aviation Law, Safety and Security Programme has four course modules that cover international aviation law, airline safety, regulatory standards, and commercial aviation to ensure you are equipped for your role with the aviation and aviation law industries. Each course has a unique combination of theory, video tutorials, case-studies and quizzes that enables you to better grasp the concepts being taught and learn how to apply them in real-life situations.

  • Module 1: The Regulation of Aviation
  • Module 2: The Commercial Aviation Industry
  • Module 3: Aviation Safety and Security
  • Module 4: International Aviation Law

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Available May 2020

Enroll Now - TBC

Available May 2020

Course Accreditation

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10 CLE points upon completion of the full Aviation Law program

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Industry-Fuelled Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the commercial, regulatory and legal environments in which you will work
  • Understand how air transportation is being transformed by market economics, liberalisation of air routes, technological changes and commercialisation of aviation activities
  • Discuss the issues affecting aviation markets, airline operators, civil aviation and airport administration
  • Understand the practicalities of safety and security aspects of the aviation sector

    This Course Is For

    • Airline Pilots
    • Aircraft engineers, Air traffic controllers and safety regulators
    • Aviation Lawyers and Lawyers in related fields
    • Professional airline managers and airport operators
    • Government officials involved in the transport sector
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