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Open Flexible Learning
FJ $455
AUD 350
Start Date: To Be Confirmed
Open Flexible LearningDuration:
6 weeks
Open Flexible LearningEffort:
10 - 20 hours/week
Open Flexible LearningLevel:
Open Flexible LearningAssessment:
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On Completion

Imtiaz Ali

Mr. Ali has been developing and teaching courses in the IT field for over 15 years.

Mr. Ali has a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Computer Science and Engineering Technology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Systems, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Information Systems.

Explore the fundamentals of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) with this online course. This course has been developed by Pacific TAFE for diverse learners and contexts, including post-secondary and vocational education students. Students who are interested in improving their ICT skills or developing new skills in the rapidly changing world of ICT are encouraged to take this course with USP Global.

About This Course

This course describes the fundamentals of hardware and software associated with the use of ICT. It will also describe the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to make use of Microsoft Office Suite at foundation, intermediate and advanced levels. With the Microsoft Office suite, students will be able to create professional documentation, Spreadsheets, Presentations as well as design and the publication of materials. It will also cover knowledge of the safe use of the Internet and the Web.

Key Topics Covered In This Course
  • Module 1: Learners will develop their keyboarding skills and demonstrate typing accuracy.

  • Module 2: Learners will examine varying types of computing hardware and software and explain their varying applications.

  • Module 3: Learners will explore Microsoft Word 2016, and build fundamental word processing skills to create and edit word documents.

  • Module 4: Learners will explore Microsoft Excel 2016, learn how to create and format spreadsheets, and produce charts and graphs in a worksheet.

  • Module 5: Learners will explore Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, and learn how to create and design a PowerPoint presentation, format text and produce charts.

  • Module 6: Learners will discover how to access and search the Internet, learn electronic message (Email) etiquette, send and organise electronic messages.

Course Credit / Accreditation

This course can be cross-credited for CEI41 in the Certificate IV in Information Technology offered by Pacific TAFE, USP.

This qualification is internationally recognised by the Skills International New Zealand and nationally accredited on the Fiji Qualifications Framework (FQF) by the Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC). It is also registered on the Pacific Register of Qualifications and Standards.

Course Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students are expected to be able to:

  • Identify basic computer hardware and software components;

  • Demonstrate skills to use keyboard effectively;

  • Create documents using word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software; and

  • Send and organise electronic messages (emails), and create email signatures.

This Course Is For:

Learners from diverse contexts;

  • Primary and secondary school students;

  • Post-secondary, University and Vocational learners; and

  • Adult learners and anyone interested in improving their ICT skills.

Bula Vinaka!