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Learn how to provide inclusive, flexible and interactive physical education lessons for all types of learners.

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5 Weeks

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14 February 2022

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About this Course

The University of the South Pacific is offering a free massive open online course (MOOC) on Quality Physical Education in the Pacific designed for teachers across the Pacific to better understand the fundamentals of physical education to develop active and healthy students.

The online course will run over five weeks with at least four hours of learning materials, practical activities and resources that participants can complete in their own time each week. Each week the course will focus on a key topic designed to provide foundational knowledge and skills on quality physical education to help teachers across the Pacific to provide inclusive, flexible and interactive lessons.

The course is tailored to the Pacific experience of human movement and culture and explores traditional sports and games. Recognising the diversity within classrooms across the Pacific, the course also includes specific content on inclusive physical education with tips for teachers on adapting and modifying to suit the learning needs of every student.

The content has been designed by Dr Aue Te Ava (USP), Dr Dean Dudley (Macquarie University) and Ms Jackie Lauff (Sport Matters). Participants will have access to professional mentors from the Pacific Islands with a range of experience across physical education, physical activity and sport and participants will also be able to connect and interact with each other through the online platform to discuss, share and learn together.

Key Topics in this Course

  • Week 1: Introducing Quality Physical Education

  • Week 2: Traditional Sports and Games in the Pacific

  • Week 3: Understanding Health and Physical Activity in the Pacific

  • Week 4: Designing a Quality Physical Education Lesson

  • Week 5: Physical education scenarios during pandemics and natural disasters

The Pulpit Rock

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe why it is important to teach Quality Physical Education in the Pacific;
  2. Describe how traditional games and dance influence movement culture in the Pacific and how they can be embedded in Quality Physical Education lessons;
  3. Outline the historical and political contexts of health and physical education in the Pacific;
  4. Discuss the practices and beliefs with colleagues to support your professional development;
  5. Identify strategies to plan inclusive physical education lessons to cater for the needs of all learners;
  6. Demonstrate how to design a quality physical education lesson; and
  7. Develop strategies to support your learning and development after this MOOC.

This Course is for

The course is designed for anyone with an interest in learning more about how to deliver quality physical education in the Pacific including;

  • Pre-service and in-service teachers;
  • Classroom teachers with no background in physical education;
  • School leavers;
  • Community sport coaches, administrators and volunteers; and
  • People interested in all levels of education (early childhood, primary, secondary and special and inclusive education).

The Pulpit Rock

Meet your Pacific Mentors

Each week you will have an opportunity to discuss the content and learning materials online and share your thoughts and ideas with your colleagues and peers. The discussions will be facilitated by a team of professional mentors from across the Pacific who will guide you through the course.

The Pulpit Rock

Suzie Schuster

Suzie Schuster is currently a senior lecturer in Physical Education and Health at the National University of Samoa in Apia, where she lives as a citizen and 27-year resident with her husband and four children. She is an experienced educator and advocate for PE, fitness and health with extensive experience working across the Pacific region. Suzie is heavily involved in and passionate about the sport of swimming and is the National coach with the Samoa Swimming Federation – a role she has held for 11 years, while also sitting on the SSF Board. In addition to her current PhD studies on levels of participation in swimming in Samoa, she is well published with a focus on health, physical education, fitness and sport as relates to the Pacific.

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Talemo Waqa

Talemo Waqa lives and works in his native Fiji with a strong background in education, business and training. He has 20 years of teaching experience in Fiji, supported by a Masters in Education (Phys Ed) as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports, Recreation & Management), before moving into the areas of business and educational training. Talemo is also a qualified OSEP (Oceania Sports Education Program) mentor and Master Educator. In line with his Fijian roots, he is passionate about rugby and has worked with the Fiji Rugby Union, Oceania Rugby and World Rugby as a senior training practitioner across the Pacific sporting community. He also owns and operates his own sports event and high-performance management company.

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Biu Colati

Biu Colati is a Senior Education Officer (Phys Ed) with the Ministry of Education in Fiji. He has extensive experience in senior administrative roles in both the school system and at government level, as well as being a qualified primary and secondary school teacher with a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science. Biu has been involved in sports coaching and administration (Rugby, Rugby League and Athletics) as well as with educational policy planning, development of curriculum materials and teaching resources across his various roles.

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Jubilee Kuartei

Jubilee Kuartei is currently the Zone 1 (North Pacific) Oceania Sport Education Program Coordinator (OSEP) for the Oceania National Olympic Committees and is based in her homeland of Palau. She has experience in sport development and sport education, partnering with the Ministry of Education’s Physical Education department for 20 years and has worked previously for four years as the Physical Education Specialist for Palau’s Ministry of Education. Her background includes a Bachelor of Science in Recreational Leadership from Taylor University (Indiana, USA), a Masters in Education from San Diego State University and is a qualified OSEP Master Educator. Jubilee is passionate about youth development and basketball in which she has been involved as a coach, referee, and now as an administrator.

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Taburimai Tewaki

Taburimai Tewaki currently works as a Principal Officer for Sports at the Ministry of Women, Youth, Sports and Social Affairs in Kiribati. He is also the Head of the Secretariat for Kiribati Sport Authority. As a teenager, he represented Kiribati at both regional and international events and competitions. A qualified teacher and coach with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (P.E) and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Sports. He is adding to this list, currently completing a Masters in Sports at the University of The South Pacific. While very keen on all sport, he is especially passionate about Athletics and Soccer.

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James Uri-Puati

James Uri-Puati is an educator with 32 years regional and international teaching and training experience. He is based in Rarotonga, Cook Islands and consults in programme management in a variety of developing contexts. He has taught Physical Education at all levels and supported the development of the Cook Islands Health and Physical Wellbeing Curriculum (2006). This included conducting professional development to Cook Islands Teachers of PE and Health and also designing and teaching the Cook Islands Teachers Training College PE courses for the 3 year training cohorts. He was involved with SPC in co-facilitating the “Promoting Physical Activity in Pacific Communities” workshops held in Nadi, Fiji. He is still an avid and active sportsman who is passionate about creating positive life-long attitudes to Physical Activity.

Meet your Facilitators

Dr Aue Te Ava

Dr. Aue Te Ava

Dr. Aue Te Ava is a Lecturer in Education at The University of the South Pacific, based at the Labasa Campus in Fiji. Dr. Te Ava has a Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University in Hawaii, a Masters of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Leisure Science in Health and Physical Education from the University of Hawaii and a PhD in Health and Physical Education from The University of Auckland in New Zealand. Dr. Te Ava has published research on the role of physical education culture in preserving traditional sports and games in the Cook Islands and culturally responsive pedagogy in Cook Island school health and physical education. Dr. Te Ava has previously been a lecturer in Health and Physical Education at Charles Darwin University in Darwin, Australia, and in Indigenous Studies and Sports and Physical Education at the University of Southern Queensland. He is currently chair of a Literacy Research team at USP in partnership with Monash University in Australia and a Course Coordinator for the Physical Education Major at USP’s School of Education.

Jackie Lauff

Jackie Lauff

Jackie Lauff is a content specialist in adapted physical activity. Jackie has an undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy (University of Sydney) and Master of Adapted Physical Activity (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences). In her role as CEO of Sport Matters, Jackie has provided technical assistance, support and guidance for teachers, coaches and sports administrators in Australia, the Pacific, Asia and Africa. Her previous roles include working with the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education in Germany, as an Inclusion Officer at Basketball Australia, and teaching Inclusive Coaching at the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) in Sydney.

Dr Dean Dudley

Dr. Dean Dudley

Dr. Dean Dudley is an Associate Professor (Health and Physical Education) in the Macquarie School of Education at Macquarie University. He is also an Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences at the University of Queensland. Dr Dudley is a 2012 Churchill Fellow and was an Expert Consultant for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization's Quality Physical Education Guidelines for Policy Makers (2015) and the Kazan Action Plan ratified at MINEPS VI in 2017. In 2018, Dr Dudley was appointed as an Independent Specialist in Health and Physical Education by UNESCO's International Bureau of Education.