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Youth Entrepreneurship

Explore the know-how of starting your own business! 

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6 Weeks

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2 - 4 Hours / Week

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17 May 2021

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Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth Entrepreneurship is the fifth module of a series of courses on Professionalising Youth Work in the Pacific.

The purpose of this Module is to provide Youth Workers with knowledge and skills that they can use to assist youth in starting their own businesses. Youth unemployment is a considerable social and economic concern in the South Pacific region. Entrepreneurship and self-employment have the potential to create jobs, provide streams of income, and build community ties. Throughout Module 5, Youth Work students will learn about the determining factors of successful businesses, develop an understanding of the political and financial processes involved in starting a small business, learn about small business innovation and marketing, and develop skills they can use to support youth entrepreneurs.

Module Topics

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Youth Entrepreneurship

  • Topic 2: Starting a Small Business

  • Topic 3: Creating a Business Plan

  • Topic 4: Financial Literacy and Marketing

  • Topic 5: Supporting Youth Entrepreneurs

  • Topic 6: Summarise Your Learning

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Module Learning

  • Identify and describe key variables that determine the success of small businesses.
  • Perform a SWOT analysis.
  • Describe the processes involved in starting a small business.
  • Create a practical and realistic business plan and a basic budget.
  • Support youth entrepreneurs with your knowledge and skills.
  • Help youth develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

This course is for

The course is aimed at youths, youth organisations, non-governmental, intergovernmental, and governments to assist in setting up a micro-business.

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Meet your Facilitator

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Broderick Mervyn

Mr Broderick Mervyn represents Ignite4Change, a community-based organisation focused on empowering, engaging and enlightening youths in the pacific region. Broderick is a Pacific youth and community practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the field of youth and community engagement and development in Fiji and the Pacific.

Mr Mervyn will be supported by Mr Jacob Kearey-Moreland throughout the facilitation of this module. Mr Kearey-Moreland has specific expertise in Youth Work in environmental issues.

Professionalising Youth Work in the Pacific Series

Professionalising Youth Work in the Pacific is a six-part
module series designed for learners who work or plan
to work with youth. The module topics were originally
developed by a group of thirty youth work experts
from seven Pacific Island nations. These modules will
provide the learner with a broad-based set of skills
and knowledge for youth work.

1. Engaging Youth in Their Communities
2. Youth and the Climate Crisis
3. Youth, Rights, Civic Engagement and Political Participation
4. Health & Well-being: Issues for Youth
5. Youth Entrepreneurship
6. Good Governance in Youth Organisations

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