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Commercial Aviation

The University of The South Pacific in conjunction with leading aviation expert Professor Ron Bartsch has developed a series of accredited Aviation Law courses specifically design for aviation professionals. The Commercial Aviation Industry module specifically addresses the importance of business and commerce within commercial aviation. This course satisfies the requirements of pilots, aircraft engineers, air traffic controllers, managers, airport operators and aviation law professionals in terms of their workplace duties and associated legal and regulatory responsibilities concerning commercial aviation.

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6 Weeks

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4 Hours / Week

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FJD 375 / AUD 250

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Certificate of Completion

About This Course

This module explains the structure of aviation businesses and the way in which transactions are carried out. You will gain an insight into aircraft leasing, aviation insurance and the increasing importance of intellectual property in commercial aviation. We will examine the various business structures and workplace arrangements that can be found in aviation across various jurisdictions. Using case studies this course will cover the development and nature of airline operations and study the way in which they are structured and regulated along with the legal responsibilities of those who work within the airline sector. Importantly, we also look at some of the other business aspects of aviation, including ticketing, code-sharing and strategic alliances and finally the international structure of air traffic management, how flights and airspace are classified and how air traffic controllers keep the airways safe.

Key Topics This Module

  • Introduction to commercial aviation
  • Understanding Carriage by air
  • Strategic alliances and code-sharing
  • How the airline sector works
  • Regulation of air services
  • Air Traffic Management

Course Accreditation

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10 CLE points upon completion of the full Aviation Law program

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Learning Outcomes

  • Recall the development and structure of commercial air transportation
  • Describe the basis for a contract of carriage by air
  • Explain the importance of commercial alliances and code-sharing
  • Describe the structure of airlines and how they are regulated
  • Describe the trend toward greater liberalisation and open skies
  • Explain the system and structure of Air Traffic Management

This Course Is For

  • Airline Pilots
  • Aircraft engineers, Air traffic controllers and safety regulators
  • Aviation Lawyers and Lawyers in related fields
  • Professional airline managers and airport operators
  • Government officials involved in the transport sector
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