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The Pulpit Rock
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Self-paced Offering
January 1 - December 31 2022

Youth Rights, Civic Engagement and Political Participation

Discover the significant role young people can play to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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The Pulpit Rock
The Pulpit Rock


The Pulpit Rock

2 - 4 Hours / Week

The Pulpit Rock


The Pulpit Rock

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The Pulpit Rock


1 January 2022 - 31 December 2022

The Pulpit Rock


Certificate of Participation

Learn about Youth Rights,
Civic Engagement,
and Political Participation

Youth Rights, Civic Engagement and Political Participation is the third module module of a series of courses on Professionalising Youth Work in the Pacific.

The purpose of this Module is to introduce students to core concepts about youth rights, civic engagement, and political participation. Students will explore the context of youth and labour rights and develop a deeper understanding of how to engage youth in civic and political life in their roles as youth workers. The Module provides important context about civic and political participation in the South Pacific, and explores the importance of youth participation to the future of communities and wider society. It will provide students with skills and strategies that they can use to help empower youth in their future roles as Youth Workers.

Module Topics

  • Topic 1: Youth Rights

  • Topic 2: Labour Rights and Youth

  • Topic 3: Defining Civic Engagement

  • Topic 4: Youth Civic & Political Participation: Challenges and Barriers

  • Topic 5: Youth Civic & Political Participation: Towards Empowerment

  • Topic 6: Summarise Your Learning

The Pulpit Rock

Module Learning

  • Describe youth rights in their country and describe the role of the Regional Rights Resource Team in the South Pacific.
  • Explain the importance of youth employment to economic and social development in the South Pacific.
  • Outline the different forms that civic engagement can take and describe its importance for youth
  • Describe the different forms of political participation and explain how youth can be encouraged to engage in political processes.
  • Employ empowerment strategies to help youth participate in civic and political activities.

    This course is for

    The course is aimed at youths, youth organisations, climate change activists or practitioners, non-governmental, intergovernmental, and governments. It is also suited to young people in becoming champions in their local communities.

    The Pulpit Rock

    Professionalising Youth Work in the Pacific

    Professionalising Youth Work in the Pacific is a six-part module series designed for learners who work or plan to work with youth. The module topics were originally developed by a group of thirty youth work experts from seven Pacific Island nations. These modules will provide the learner with a broad-based set of skills and knowledge for youth work.

    Module 1 - Engaging Youth in Their Communities
    Module 2 - Youth and the Climate Crisis
    Module 3 - Youth, Rights, Civic Engagement and Political Participation
    Module 4 - Health & Well-being: Issues for Youth
    Module 5 - Youth Entrepreneurship
    Module 6 - Good Governance in Youth Organisations

    The Pulpit Rock